Heartwarming story of little elephant orphans

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It is best to have your handkerchiefs ready… The cartoon by Hugo Guinness in the video shows the life of orphaned elephant babies, whose mothers were victims of poachers who want to get hold of the ivory. The "David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust" (DSWT) in Kenya takes in the elephant orphans and lovingly cares for the animals. Nevertheless, the elephant children will never forget their mothers, as the title "I will always remember you" reveals.

The little elephant comes to the DSWT and is raised there with the bottle. He gets to know other elephant orphans, makes friends with them and plays with them. He even finds a partner and grows up with her. Finally, the two are released back into nature and start their own small family of elephants. But when looking into the river, the elephant sees himself playing with his mom as a child and becomes very sad. Fortunately, he has his companion to comfort him, but his mother will always have a place in his heart.

Hugo Guinness wrote the simple, poetic black and white drawings on paper with a pen, and he also came up with the story of the little elephant. Allegra Pilkington and Luisa Crosbie took over the production and animation; the wonderful music comes from Joe Trapanese and Randall Poster. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is looking for sponsors to help and support them in caring for and nurturing the elephant orphans.

Lovable dodger: elephant babies in action


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