Greyhound: special features of parenting

Two things ensure that the training of a greyhound requires sensitivity: its very sensitive character and its often strong hunting instinct. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to when training with your four-legged friend. The Greyhound is a friendly, sensitive dog - Image: Shutterstock / f8grapher

As with any dog, you have to start early with the greyhound, with a good socialization and training the basic commands to become a well-behaved, reliable dog. You should be very careful here: your sensitive, friendly dog ​​cannot stand hardness and can be brought up much better by gentle consequence.

Work on the basics of education

If you are too strict with your four-legged friend with the basics of education, you will experience that your pet withdraws and closes off commands. So be sure to treat him gently and lovingly. Even those who are unclear and inconsistent will find it difficult to get their pet to work together. A healthy mediocrity ensures that your dog quickly becomes a good, loving companion.

Intelligent and willing to learn as it is, your greyhound will quickly understand what you want from it. Its friendliness and conviviality ensure that you should not have a hard time with socialization - starting with it early, of course, still makes a lot of sense.

Special features of a greyhound

It is important that you work on the hunting instinct of your fur nose. Your dog should really listen to you and if in doubt should be kept on a leash rather than suddenly running away. His affection, which ensures that your four-legged friend will be happy to come to you when you call him, will have a positive effect.

Greyhound: elegant and lightning fast

In a dog like the Greyhound who loves to move, the conditions in which they are kept generally play an important role in the upbringing. Anyone who is busy a day and offers them the exercise they need will experience it calm, balanced and well-behaved inside.

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