He recorded what his purr was doing at night and ... he was very surprised

A man living in Bangkok decided to find out what his purr is doing at night ...

Surely you have wondered more than once what your cat does at night ... How does he use his precious time when you are sleeping sweetly? Some purrs lie down with us and fall asleep sweetly until the alarm goes off. Others start their daily activity only after dark. After all, night is the perfect time to meet your hunting and climbing needs. Still other cats crave food all night long. However, this purr all night ... protects (?) His guardian's face against evil forces!

He checked what his cat was doing at night

A man living in Bangkok decided to find out what his purr was actually doing at night. To this end, he placed a night vision camera next to the bed. When he woke up and played the recording, he was probably quite surprised. It turned out that his pet had been watching his face all night long!

The unusual video soon found its way to a Thai group of cat lovers. Thus, the cat guardian was appreciated for his struggles by the crowd of Internet users. It is difficult to describe his actions - you just have to see it.

The cat won't let you sleep?

If a cat is interfering with your sleep, it can have several serious reasons for it. He's probably asleep as he waits for you all day. When you finally come home from work, he would like to spend some time with you. Especially at play and caresses. If he doesn't get it, don't be surprised that he asks for it at night.

Everything worth knowing about cats

Another cause may be hunger. The cat should eat frequently, but in small portions. If you feed your cat inappropriately, the poor guy is likely hungry most of the time. Feed him right before going to bed. In addition, you can also leave him a portion overnight in a harder to reach place (e.g. on a windowsill) so that he can find food himself. A tasty ball filled with crisps or fit-snacks is also a great solution. When trying to get treats, the cat will give an outlet to its hunting instincts. However, be sure to keep your cat's calories under control.

On the other hand, if your purr spends the whole night nicely in bed with you - you are lucky. What's more, you can be sure that you will be safe while you sleep. Such a security guard is a real treasure - you should appreciate him!

Source: www.boredpanda.com| photos: facebook.com/groups/love.cat.club

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