Labrador: A friendly family dog

Family-friendly, active and sociable: These words describe the character of the Labrador relatively well. The nature of this dog is very pleasant, which also makes his upbringing uncomplicated. This is the character of the beautiful Labrador - Image: Shutterstock / Capture Lights

The Labrador is a real little bundle of energy. Long, long walks and regular play do justice to the character of the beautiful four-legged friend. He is very active and likes to play - but regular stroking is just as important to him. In general, the dog attaches great importance to spending as much time as possible with its people.

The Labrador: movement and affection

In general, his character makes the Labrador a good dog for beginners. He is open-minded, adaptable and people-friendly. This breed of dog is very docile and intelligent. Therefore, the Labrador is also great for dog sports like obedience and dog dancing.

Especially when your animal roommate is still young, he is also happy about playing units with the stick or the ball. It is important that you challenge the dog - both physically and mentally. This is the only way to do justice to his intelligent character and active nature.

Labrador Retriever: A great family dog

Character: Good-natured and playful

As a watchdog, this four-legged friend is not the ideal cast. He is just too good-natured for that and approaches foreigners too openly. What is a very positive quality in everyday life, for example, if you get a visitor and want your Labrador to receive it in a friendly manner, can in turn be a hindrance if you have to be careful.

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