This is how a Devon Rex feels most comfortable

The Devon Rex is not too demanding in its stance - but there are a few things you should keep in mind to make the cheerful curly cat happy. Being alone is not for the sociable Devon Rex - Image: Shutterstock / Veera

As a curious, affectionate and active velvet paw, the Devon Rex is not a cat for people who travel a lot. She wants to participate in the life of her owners and needs socializing for her well-being.

Keeping tips: The Devon Rex is not a loner

It is important for the Devon Rex to be alone as little as possible. She not only loves being with her people, but also with a companion who needs to be cuddled as much as she does. When in doubt, the fairly stress-resistant Devon Rex is definitely better off in a lively family household than in a household with people who work a lot and are not at home.

She loves places in the sun and to play

The curly hair cat likes it nice and cozy and warm. A nice, cozy place on the windowsill in the sun, or a soft heating couch are therefore exactly your case. Her curiosity and temperament ensure that she is also enthusiastic about a nice place on the cat-safe balcony or in a secured garden.

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When keeping in the apartment, she definitely needs space to run around. Due to her curiosity, she also needs somewhat tolerant owners who can arrange for the cat to go on trips to shelves. A large scratching post, intelligence toys, a fiddle board and the like are just as much fun as playing with their owners.

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