Hopping Hounds Jump For Joy In Springy New Photo Series

November 18, 2014 Photos by: Julia Christe

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… bouncy pooch?!

First, we had underwater puppies. Now, we’ve got springing sheepdogs.

There is a lot of really cool dog photography projects happening these days, and German photographer Julia Christe’s “Freestyle” series is no exception.

In this visually stunning new photo set, Christe captures a multitude of dogs in mid-air, with a wind machine in full effect (for that ears-in-the-wind, devil-may-care look). In fact, she photographed 100 dogs for the project — from a nearly-hairless Chinese Crested to a dreadlocked Hungarian Puli — after searching high and low for models at dog shows, obedience schools and the vet.

And don’t worry about these model hounds — although they’re “falling” in the pictures, it’s actually a very short (think around two feet off the ground) “drop” onto a mattress. No dogs were harmed during the photography process. And they weren’t thrown – a person was holding them waist to chest high, and then letting their arms fall, which created a “falling dog,” who landed feet first on a plush mattress.

Not surprisingly, the first and second shots Christe took were usually best; you can thank the element of surprise for that one. However, some of the dogs actually enjoyed the “fall” and were able to do multiple jumps.

If you’d like to see the entire photo series, you can visit Julia Christe’s website.

[Source: SRL Lounge]

Christina Peden

Christina Peden is a lifelong animal lover and avid wordsmith. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend Ryan where they are proud pet parents to puppy, Matilda and cat, Oscar. In her spare time, she can be found enjoying Toronto, Canada’s all-too-short patio season, taking advantage of the city’s numerous parks or curled up with a good book.

Watch the video: I got some new jump4joy jumps!

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