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The beaded coat is the registered trademark of LaPerm, which exists in the Shorthair and Longhair variations. This characteristic is the result of a dominant gene that has undergone a spontaneous mutation. The term "LaPerm" is believed to come from the word "permanent", the name of the method used in beauty salons to leave hair with curls.

THE LaPerm Longhair he has a temperament that is incredibly sweet and is an excellent companion, liking his lap and showing affection to his owner. The breed is a good option for retirees, people who want a lap cat and families with school children.


The LaPerm breed appeared in the United States in 1982, in the state of Oregon. A cat had a litter with 6 puppies and among them was “Curly”, a female that was born without a coat, but in two months had a frizzy and silky coat. Linda Koehl, Curly's owner, started to work on the creation of this breed, soon noticing that the gene responsible for the curly hair was dominant. For a long time it was believed that a cat from that breed who owned the straight hair would stay with the smooth hair forever, but it was soon discovered that this is not true and smooth-haired specimens may also show the curly pattern in the future.

Linda Koehl introduced the LaPerm Longhair breed at one of the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) exhibitions, which accepted its standard in 1992. TICA has also accepted, since 1995, the breed and both associations allow crossbreeding between Longhair and Shorthair.


The cat of this breed has a sweet voice that uses little - unless it wants to draw attention -, strong hunting instinct and is a good companion. It is a curious and cheerful pussy, but it loves to be in the lap of its owner whenever it has chance. Its temperament is calm, sociable and affectionate, being known as an extremely sweet breed. The inquisitive side of LaPerm means he is always exploring the surroundings, trying to get involved in all the activities in the house and perching on people's shoulders to keep an eye on everything.

Smart, the LaPerm Longhair cat think calmly about how to get the things you want, even if they are out of reach and usually use your paws to pick up objects. Very connected to humans, he tries to attract his attention in several ways and be around as much as he can, whether lying on his lap to receive affection, calling for games or trying to get into some human activity. His behavior makes him a great cat for the family, living well with children and other pets. The breed is also a good option for those who live in apartments.


Medium sized cat that is heavier than it looks - weighs between 3.5 and 5.5 kg. It has a semi-foreign body with medium muscles and bones, being a feline without extremes in appearance. The LaPerm's head is triangular with rounded contours, the nose is medium in size, as well as the muzzle, and the place where the mustache is inserted is round and full, and the mustaches and eyebrows can be curled like his coat. Its eyes are big, almond-shaped and the color has no relation to its coat, appearing expressive and rounder when the cat is on alert. The ears are medium, wide at the base and with rounded tips, inserted in a way that looks like a continuation of the outline of its head, a Lynx-like coat is expected and quite curly in its interior.

The LaPerm Longhair variation presents a coat from semi-long to long, with curly or wavy hair and delicate to the touch, with little undercoat. All colors and patterns are allowed. Both males and females with semi-long coats have a collar around their necks. LaPerm Longhair cats they usually lose their coat at least once in their life, usually when they are young and during the first year of life, but within a few weeks their hair grows back, with a curly appearance. The tail is long, thin and feathered in the shape of a feather for the Longhair. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs and their feet are round. Some puppies are born without hair while others are born with smooth hair, which they soon curl.

Specific care

The main care with the LaPerm breed is the brushing of its coat, but even the specimens of semi-long hair do not need daily brushing, as their coat has little change. The fact that this cat has curly hair also does not exempt him from care.


LaPerm Longhair Cats are known to be healthy, with no health problems related to their genetics so far. Like any cat with a semi-long coat, the specimen of this breed can present problems with tricobenzoares - a hairball in the digestive system -, which is easily treatable.

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