Can I bathe cats?

The question of whether you are allowed to bathe cats mainly relates to an emergency - you normally don't bathe cats. On the one hand they don't like water, on the other hand they always take care of their fur with the greatest care. Can I bathe cats? Whoever is after them, certainly not - Image: Shutterstock / Asasirov

The cat's metabolism is also designed to clean itself. Frequent baths would not only make her uncomfortable, but would also upset the natural balance of skin and hair. Nevertheless, there are emergencies in which it is essential to clean a cat with the help of water. But how do you actually recognize such an emergency?

Dirty fur: Can you bathe cats?

If your cat's fur is so dirty that it can no longer get it clean when you groom it, you should first try to help it with a less stressful variant than bathing. Comb, brush, scissors, damp cloths and a lot of patience are better than a full bath in water when in doubt.

The situation is different if your darling has contaminated their fur with an unhealthy or toxic substance. Then you should not hesitate long and do everything you can to quickly free the cat from your unspeakable situation, if necessary with a bath, because this is an emergency after all.

When cats don't groom themselves or have parasites

Other exceptional cases are four-legged friends who, for some reason, do not groom their fur themselves, for example because they were separated from their mother too early and have never learned it. In this case, get advice from a veterinarian. Maybe he can develop an alternative to bathing with you with homeopathic remedies or a few care tips, or even better: find the cause of the problem and solve it.

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If the cat has fleas or other parasites, there are alternatives to bathing, for example a spot-on preparation, depending on the age and health of the cat. Your veterinarian will tell you which variant is best for your pet.

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