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The first half of 2020 was filled with unbelievable events. Current generations have not experienced such extreme moments in U.S. history. The COVID-19 pandemic, the economic fall out of the pandemic, the senseless and brutal death of George Floyd, and the violence in response to his death has left society scared and stressed. More and more Americans are not wanting to leave their homes. The effects of all of these events will continue to echo for years to come.

During times like these, Americans feel the need to protect themselves. Of course, this is an American right and value. There are multiple protection choices, but this article will focus on personal protection dogs.

What Is a Personal Protection Dog?

A protection dog will protect you and your family. Protection dogs are family dogs that will protect and defend their family in any situation they feel is threatening. Some of the most popular breeds for protection are Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Giant Schnauzers.

These breeds do, however, need to be obedience trained and need to know their position in the family. Exercise is extremely important if you want to have a well-behaved, well-adjusted protection dog. These dogs need plenty of activity because they are big, physical animals with lots of energy.

For personal protection, dogs surpass any alarm system that you can get. The presence of a dog can deter someone from even attempting to enter your home. There are many that feel their dog is their personal protector when they go out for a walk at night.

Examples of protection functions:

  1. Alert on command to an assailant
  2. Engage in proper bite and hold when commanded
  3. Release on command
  4. Perform and display control
  5. Repel attack attempts
  6. Disable attackers

Release on Command

One of the most important functions in a personal protection dog is the release. I often see K9 demonstrations with handlers and dogs who are “fierce” and “killer bite and hold" but then cannot release on command. To me, this would not serve a purpose.

The point of a personal protection dog (for me) would be to activate on command and release on command. Otherwise, I would choose an alternative method of protection.

Level Evaluations

Many personal protection dogs are evaluated on three levels. Some trainers do not use levels of evaluation and have the dog fully trained with all skills.

Level One

A dog at this level is a confident dog trained in a minimum of on-leash obedience and area protection and will show an aggressive display on command.

On command, this dog will show teeth and will bark at the end of the leash to discourage the aggressor. The behavior is easily stopped with the "out" command or your command of choice. The level one dog’s main purpose is as a deterrent.

Level Two

This dog is a skilled dog trained in a minimum of on-leash in obedience and on-leash in personal protection. The level two protector will show the same aggressive display as the level-one dog on command but has also been trained using real-life scenarios of how to bite and fight effectively in defense of his owner and family.

The dog has also been specifically trained to counter any attempt by an aggressor who strikes or tries to beat off the dog by biting deeper and harder or shaking the part of the body held in the mouth. The dog is trained to release his bite on command.

Level Three

This dog is the most skilled dog that has off-leash obedience and has all the training of the level two dog. Trained to travel and protect from inside a vehicle against a robbery or carjacking, this dog is considered a more “offensive dog” than the other previous two levels. This dog will also release its bite on command from a distance and return to your side.

Can Every Dog Be a Personal Protection Dog?

No, a personal protection dog needs to be a specific breed that is bred for specific traits as well as have the ability to train and successfully train and perform. These dogs come with very high-level of training and proofing. What has to often happen is the people need to be trained.

Essential two areas need to be sufficient for a personal protection dog: breeding and training. First, the dog has to be bred for the job and then trained for the job. Just because the dog was bred to do the work does not mean they will automatically become qualified for the work. The training has to be correct and the dog must also be proofed and evaluated in situations.

The people will need to be trained that this is a dog that actually performs and takes action. This is not a dog to be pushed around in a baby carriage or go visit the dog park. These actions will be covered in another article but just mentioned here.


In summary, if the personal protection dog cannot release on command properly, then I could use a personal firearm as protection (all legal and local protocols followed). For me, the difference in selecting a personal protection dog from a personal firearm would be the release. You can release/recall a dog. You cannot release/recall a bullet. That is the simple difference for me.

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Protection Dogs For Sale | Protection Dog Sales

Our personal protection dogs are trained with family and work in mind. All dogs shown on this page reside at our luxury kennel or in private homes and are available for immediate pick-up or delivery directly to your home. Contact us to discuss the details of getting the training you need to achieve optimal success with your new dog. Our prices very depending on the degree of personal protection training for each dog. Hundreds of training hours in obedience, home training, protection training, tracking and social training are needed before a dog can pass the stringent requirements of training. We train with family in mind and can train to your specifications. Contact us today, we will train for your needs.

If you decide to pick up several hours of instruction will be provided to you at no additional charge over the purchase price of your dog. If you opt for shipping we will endeavor to provide you with video instruction on the handling of your new dog. Or if you would like to have a trainer deliver your new dog and provide in home instruction to you and your family we can accommodate those needs as well.

We offer a Variety of Protection Dogs to Meet Your Needs

These dogs are social family companions and are selected specifically to live with children and other pets. These dogs are trained in complete on and off-leash obedience. All of our Level I Personal Protection Dogs are trained to be alert in their home / surroundings and to bark and alert their owners to the presence of intruders. These dogs are not trained to bite or apprehend subjects. Level I Protection dogs are trained to bark on command and when they feel a threat to themselves or their owners. These dogs are ideal for families that are concerned with the liability of having a dog that is fully trained to bite and apprehend subjects in protection work.

Level I Protection Dogs starting at $12,500 USD

Personal Protection Dogs - pets

We were looking for a dog that was 100% kid friendly, housebroken and trained in obedience. We found so much more than that. Not only did Aspen meet our expectations, he exceeded them in every way.

Warso is doing GREAT! He is a supermodel! He ran 3.2 miles (29 mins) with me this morning. It’s amazing how many people stop to talk. Loving him!

We did a lot of research and looking into protection dogs. I wanted to be able to have peace of mind when I’m not here with my family. It became very clear that this was the only business that we were going to get a dog from.

We are beyond thrilled with Axel! He adapted to our family with confidence and ease. Khaled Behisy is exceptional. He knows how to pick extraordinary dogs and is a superb teacher both to the dogs and their owners.

Our Protection Dogs Plus experience was a little bit different in that we had a previous experience which was very bad with a previous local company and so I knew that I needed to get it right the second time. (. ) What I was most struck with by the Protection Dogs Plus model was that these dogs were very protective and very strong and yet at the same time could be integrated into the family–were friendly and lovable, and could be treated as pets.

When I called Khaled and told him what my needs were, he really took a special interest in understanding exactly what my needs were before it came time to select a dog. The experience i’ve had with everyone at Protection Dogs Plus has been first class.


Please view our list of dogs below to see what is currently available for sale. New dogs are constantly becoming available to our program. If you do not see what you are looking for, or have questions, please contact us directly by phone. Due to time constraints, we cannot discuss these dogs in great detail via email. Serious inquiries only will be addressed.

We will not sell a dog to anyone that we have not met in person or had a detailed phone conversation with. All Personal Protection Dogs are available only to approved homes. Pricing information will not be given out via email.

Redwood Krest K9 Center LLC offers FREE lifetime maintenance training at our facility in Battle Ground, Washington. If you feel your dog is slacking on his/her commands, is disobeying orders, or just needs a refresher course, please contact us immediately. If you are unable to travel to our facility, we will send a team to the location of your choice. Travel expenses and a daily fee will apply per team member.


Breed: Belgium Malinois
Gender: Male
Age: 3 Years
Color: Fawn
Coat: Short
Training: Executive Personal Protection Dog, Service Dog Prepared.

“Qwinny” is a social dog. He is extremely obedient and well mannered. Qwinny was raised and trained by a professional trainer inside his household with other dogs.

Qwinny has been trained extensively and can perform the following exercises:

* Off leash heeling on your left side
* Heeling next to a bicycle of leash
* Obedience ( sit, stay, down stay, bed ) on distance
* Food refusal
* Perimeter search
* Field search
* Building search
* Transport of prisoner
* Biting under all circumstances with extreme fighting skills under pressure from hitting, kicking, noises, gun fire, etc.

* Call back: after the dog is deployed to stop the bad guy, you can call him back before he bites the bad guy (extreme difficult exercise)
* Car jacking scenario
* Home invasion scenario
* Water rescue: on command the dog will swim and rescue a person or object out of the water
* Stealth mode: on command the dog will be totally quite and work in stealth mode
* Service dog prepared


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