Small but nice: Young Maine Coon cats

Maine Coon kittens in very small: You just have to love them, right? - Image: Shutterstock / dkphoto24

The Maine Coon is a very special cat: animal-sized and animal-sweet it wins the hearts of its fans. But did you also know how cute their kittens are? Maine Coon kittens in very small: You just have to love them, right? - Image: Shutterstock / dkphoto24 This Maine Coon tomcat is quite tall, but not fully grown! - Image: Shutterstock / dezi Beautiful and fascinating: The eyes of a young Maine Coon cat - Image: Shutterstock / This beautiful Maine Coon doesn't need the sweet background! - Image: Shutterstock / Linn-Currie Naughty and cute: A little red Maine Coon tomcat - Image: Shutterstock / Linn-Currie This Maine Coon kitten has an extremely sweet friend - Image: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak "Play?" Of course, always with a Maine Coon kitten - Image: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak Sweet to steal: A gang of Maine Coon kittens - Image: Shutterstock / Grigoriy Pil Hang around a bit, because no Maine Coon cat says no - Image: Shutterstock / Liliya Kulianionak What is this Maine Coon kitten thinking? - Image: Shutterstock / Robynrg

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  • person

    10-05-2014 22:05:11

    elfiew1: here you see my Maine Coon his name is Robi and he is 10 years old and weighs 7 kg report abuse
  • person

    10-05-2014 22:05:34

    elfiew1: Yes, they grow very tall and weigh up to 7 kg or more, but that's their normal weight. I have a Maine Coon (cat) he is 10 years old now. What he doesn't like are small children, they have such a high pitch when they scream ... What the Main Coon also have are very sharp claws and be careful when they hit their paws with you, it can bleed violently. Cuddle with you only if you want to. My cat does not allow a stranger to stroke him, I always advise against it ... otherwise it may be that he pulls out his claws or he bites ... But overall, they are very trusting and loving cats to the people who live in the house or apartment , Oh, one more thing ... they love to play with water and are not afraid of it, my Robi even jumps into the shower when I shower ... grins ... report abuse
  • 22-04-2014 14:04:32

    michaelasei: they're all cute, but I would take the one with the black head who wouldn't be that expensive. Report abuse
  • 22-04-2014 14:04:26

    michaelasei: Report abuse to hug
  • 22-04-2014 14:04:32

    michaelasei: You can only report abuse
  • 22-04-2014 14:04:39

    michaelasei: simply report abuse to fall in love with
  • 22-04-2014 14:04:23

    michaelasei: They are so cute, if I had the money to buy one I would do it. Report abuse

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