Skin fungus in the cat: treatment

If you suspect skin fungus in the cat, you should see a veterinarian. He will examine your room tiger using a hair or skin sample and will quickly determine whether your suspicions are confirmed. In case of skin fungus, all pets must be treated - Image: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

A veterinary examination will not only determine whether your cat has skin fungus, but also what type of pathogen the fungal disease is. This then results in drug treatment for all animals that live in your household.

Drug treatment for skin fungus

Treating a fungal disease is a lengthy process: it can take several weeks before you get rid of the pathogens. It is important that, even if only one of your pets shows symptoms, you treat all animals that live with you, because even completely healthy four-legged friends can carry the pathogen.

The treatment of skin fungus in cats can be carried out with various anti-fungal agents in the form of tablets, creams, ointments or washing solutions which contain, for example, the active ingredients ketoconazole, itraconazole or griseofulvin. In addition, other measures are recommended to get rid of the disease in the long term.

Home treatments and vaccinations

Since the pathogens for fungal diseases can remain in the blankets, baskets and other objects and favorite places of the cat for years, you should also clean them with a special agent that you get from the veterinarian.

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Your vet may also recommend a special vaccine against skin fungus if your pet is very susceptible to the disease. The active ingredient also ensures that the existing infection heals faster. After treating animals and household items, always remember that fungal skin infections in cats can also be transmitted to humans, and disinfect your hands or wear gloves from the outset.

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