Chinese medicine is a tool for the well-being of pets

Present at the 13th edition of Pet South America (the main fair in the pet segment held in South America), veterinary doctor Cristiane Toledo gave a special lecture to address the use and results of Chinese medicine in dogs; showing how this type of therapy can help to solve a series of canine health complications and also increase the life expectancy of these animals.

Although there are still those who do not believe much in the benefits of Chinese medicine (whether working with dogs and other animals or with humans), the veterinarian has registered improvements in dogs affected by a series of serious and quite common problems, which even include neurological cases.

“Neurological problems in dogs are part of a group of complications that are very difficult to solve. However, we have already seen considerable improvements in dogs with paralysis caused by neurological issues in just one week of treatment with acupuncture, and this proves how beneficial Chinese medicine can be ”, explains Dr. Cristiane Toledo.

According to her, the possibility of sequelae in neurological cases treated with chinese tools it continues to exist, and the results of treatments performed with this specific medicine (as well as any other type of treatment) will depend on the age of the affected dog and the extent of the problem - with no guarantee of cure or complete recovery.

“The improvement is usually gradual, especially in elderly dogs; however, in cases such as strokes in dogs (which usually improve over time, regardless of the treatment performed), we have already noticed that acupuncture, the use of herbal medicines and the administration of special homemade diets can accelerate the process of animal recovery under these conditions ”, comments Cristiane.

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With acupuncture, herbal medicines, physiotherapy, homemade diets from chinese tradition (and, in some cases, even the use of florals) among its highlights, this medicine has been increasingly used in veterinary medicine to improve quite different aspects - it can also be a good option to maintain comfort and well-being. being pets with diseases that have no chance of cure.

In addition to assisting in the treatment of neurological problems - including seizures, strokes, orthotonic gyrations and paresis - the tools of traditional Chinese medicine can also be powerful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the most diverse severities, such as toxoplasmosis, distemper, auto diseases -immune and MEG (granulomatous meningoencephalitis).

However, according to the expert, the use of traditional chinese medicine it should never replace the use of allopathic medicines prescribed by veterinary medicine to solve the problem; and the ideal is that both techniques and medicines are used and combined, generating the best and most complete results possible. Although there are cases in which the dose of allopathic remedies can be reduced due to the use of Chinese techniques, any type of alteration must be indicated and supervised by a veterinarian, avoiding surprises or complications.

Arthrosis also fall into the group of problems that can be greatly benefited by traditional Chinese medicine, and the veterinarian also points out that any type of complication that does not start to improve in the time provided deserves further investigation; being able to have acupuncture and Chinese techniques a good alternative to try to solve the case or, at least, accelerate the animal's recovery.

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