TOP 5 Madame's Dog - The breeds that are the face of luxury!

In a world where luxury is flaunted, dogs are not left out. The most vain women who are also passionate about dogs do not dispense with any opportunity to stamp luxury on their little animals. This is Madame's famous dog.

It is not just the breed that differentiates them from, say, normal dogs. One madame dog receives special treatments, much more pompous and luxurious. There are, in the market, a variety of attractions that attract the attention of madam and their dogs.

Madame's dogs have at their disposal a series of special treatments, such as wine therapy, patacure, therapeutic bath, hair cauterization, chocolate brush on the coat, among others.

That's because the market for animal aesthetics has expanded as much as human aesthetics, making the head of women passionate about dogs and with a crush on special treats.

Madame dog or not, special care is bad for any of the dogs. It may not be necessary and fundamental, but it is good for the owner’s appearance and pride.

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Most desired breeds among madams

Any dog ​​with a touch of luxury can be turned into a madame doghowever, the pets most commonly seen on the laps of the owners on the streets or with their ears blowing in the windows of fancy cars on the avenues are of specific breeds.

Check out a TOP 5 of the most beloved breeds among madams!

Yorkshire Terrier - Furry, small and smart! Read more about the Yorkshire Terrier.

Poodle - Considered one of the most intelligent breeds of all dogs. In addition, it has several variations in size, and can fit in all types of space. Read more about the Toy Poodle.

Chihuahua - Extremely attached to the owners, these adorable puppies are so small that they can even fit in bags! Read more about Chihuahuas.

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