Cute found fox cuddles with drawing dad

A heart and a soul: the sweet vixen Dawn is a foundling from Warwickshire in England and now lives happily and safely in an animal care station. Her favorite pastimes: cuddling and playing!

When someone gave Dawn, the cute fox girl, to the animal care station in Warwickshire, England, he thought she was a dog. The now seven-year-old red fox lives tame and happy there. Your very special friend is Geoff, the head of the animal station. They cuddle, romp and cuddle together as much as they can.

When Geoff lovingly scratches the belly of the sweet fox, Dawn happily wags its bushy tail - we can already imagine why it could be mistaken for a dog. As a thank you there is a smack for the care dad. The fox lady hugs Geoff and really hugs him - the two obviously love each other!

Red fox: Fascinating forest dweller

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