So your room tiger is ready for spring

Soon it will be so far: the days are getting longer again, the sun is coming out more and more - spring is just around the corner. Not only outdoor enthusiasts are now looking forward to the warmer season, pure spring tigers can also make you happy with these spring ideas. Red kitten on the flower meadow - Image: Shutterstock / Anettphoto

1. Away with the winter fur!

As spring approaches, cats lose their winter fur. It is best to brush your velvet paw regularly so that it quickly gets rid of the excess hair. With this cat plucking brush you can do this optimally and your cat will be happy about the extra petting units.

2. Light snack with delicious turkey

The package is kept in a cheerful green and the content of this delicious snack not only tastes good, but is also healthy. Perfect to get fit for spring! These nibbles for your four-legged darling are with tasty but lean turkey - they have less than two calories each. Not only is your room tiger enjoying twice as much!

3. Gentle massage for your darling

Which house tiger doesn't like pats? With this massage brush you can not only massage your cat carefully, but also reduce the stress factor with restless velvet paws. At the same time, the brush also removes loose hair and dandruff. With regular use, it even reduces the formation of hair buns!

4. Healthy pleasure for house tigers

Especially in spring, many cats would love to roam outside. Of course, this is not possible for everyone. Pure house tigers, however, do not have to do without all the pleasures of nature. The grass garden for cats is a special highlight for velvet paws. In addition to important nutrients, your cat gets a gentle pressure point massage for the paws with the acupressure pad.

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