The child picked up a little kitten. A cat's mother intervened

The child wanted to hug a little kitten. Frisky was crying all the time, so his cat mother intervened.

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The presence of a purr at home has a positive effect on all household members, especially the youngest. Raising up in the company of a cat teaches the child what responsibility, empathy and a sense of duty for another being are. However, you should bear in mind that your toddler may not have the right approach to animals. Therefore, it is not up to him, but his parent's responsibility to ensure that no one is harmed. In this case, the adults did not show their sense, so the cat's mother stepped in and took the kitten from the hands of the child.

It can be cute to see your kids playing with their little pets. However, you have to remember that although kittens look like mascots, they are not. However, if you don't intervene in time when your toddler does something the kitten does not like, his mother will definitely do it - if she is nearby, of course.

There is a video on the Internet in which a cat's mother took her toddler from the hands of a human child. In the video, you can see the baby holding a recently-born purr who cries all the time. A concerned cat mom is walking nearby to pick up her little one. The girl, however, does not allow herself to pick up the kitten. Eventually, the desperate kitten stands on her hind legs to catch her baby in its mouth and carry it to the hideout.

The above video is controversial - the child holding the kitten is so small that it could drop the helpless toddler at any time. The obvious question is: where were the adults? Why, instead of picking up the pet, were they recording? It's hard not to get the impression that a misfortune might have occurred. The mother cat showed the greatest consciousness, interrupting the potentially dangerous situation ...

The maternal instinct

Kittens show a strong maternal instinct when caring for little kittens. The cat mother - as is the case with many other species - plays a key role in the life of her offspring. He cares for their safety, develops their natural instincts and, of course, nurtures them.

It's true that kittens are hard to resist, but cat mom doesn't like people to touch her litter. And it has nothing to do with the fact that she suddenly stopped trusting you - it's just her instincts telling her to protect the little ones. Therefore, wait patiently until she and the kittens are ready for them.

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