Animal Identification

The identification of animals becomes increasingly important worldwide, since no one is exempt from the possibility of ending your lost pet. The methods are varied, and include options that differ both in price and in effectiveness and form of application.

Considering the benefits of animal identification, the city of São Paulo held a joint effort during the month of September 2012 to identify the animals at the Zoonosis Control Center and at some other addresses. At the time, the owner who took his pet in the indicated places could have his pets vaccinated and properly identified using the microchip technique.

This identification method consists of a surgical capsule that has an electronic circuit and a unique code. Inserted into the animal by means of an injection, the animal identification microchip it is applied without the need for anesthesia, as the procedure is quick and the device is very small.

A manual reader makes the identification of the number of each microchip, which has a sequence of 15 digits, providing a kind of RG for the pet. Research indicates that some devices can end up causing cancer in some animals, so it is recommended that a veterinarian be consulted before choosing this as the right method for your pet.

Simpler methods for the identification of animals such as identification tags on the collar and tattoos can also be considered reliable, and still allow the pet owner to save up to 50% of the amount that would be spent for implanting a microchip.

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The disadvantage of using collars with animal identification plates is that the tag can be easily removed from the animal or be lost by it in some cases, however, it continues as one of the methods most adopted by pet owners.

In the case of the tattoo, which is also painless and works well for the identification of animals, the advantages are diverse, and include everything from immediate visualization to a unique database, allowing your friend to have more means to be identified.

There are already leashes with GPS for the exact location of the pet, but it is still a very expensive method, so it is not yet widely used.

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