The lazy cat from Turkey has a monument

You probably already know this photo. It came through social media a while ago - both in the original and as memes.

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The photo shows a specific cat named Tombili. A female cat to be exact. Tombili lived in Istanbul, Turkey. She became a local mascot. All because of the loving pose in which she used to rest.

Tombili loved walking down her street in the Kadıköy district. Like many other cats, you will say. It is correct. But which cat adopts such a laid-back pose, lying and sitting, with its back against the street curb? Only Tombili could do such things.

Unfortunately, in August this year, Tombili left the Rainbow Bridge. Saddened residents hung a poster with her image close to the place she liked so much. The inscription on the poster reads "You will live in our hearts".

Cat statue. Luzacki cat

The cat has its own statue, showing her in her favorite pose.

The idea of ​​the monument was supported in the petition by 16,900 people. The bronze statue was put on the street recently, on October 4, on World Animal Day. In order to capture not only Tombili, but all the street cats of Istanbul, living in friendship with the inhabitants of the city.

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