Species conservation conference in Thailand: It's about these animals

An international species conservation conference is taking place in Bangkok, Thailand these days. The animal welfare experts present must decide on over 70 applications for animals and plants or determine whether their worthiness of protection should be upgraded. Two Seychelles giant tortoises - Image: Shutterstock / KKulikov

The focus of the species protection conference in Thailand is on five animal species that have been increasingly threatened in recent years by the sometimes illegal trade and the pure trophy hunting. Specifically, it is about polar bears, sharks, rhinos, turtles and crocodiles.

Trade in polar bear products is to be curbed

The request to better protect polar bears from poaching comes from the United States. The bear enjoys strict protection in the states, whereas bear skins are traded in Canada and other countries. The aim of the application is to completely ban the trade in polar bear products: the polar bears would already be threatened by the melt, according to the American warehouse.

Ban on hunting for white rhinos applied for

Kenya wants to completely ban the hunt for white rhinos in South Africa and Swaziland, since this is already prohibited in all other countries in the world. The request to at least restrict the trade in sharks comes from several countries. Especially because of the fins, the animals are cruelly killed in abundance. Turtles and crocodiles are also on the agenda of the international conference on the protection of species. We can only hope that the applicants will ultimately prevail and that the criminal animal trade will be at least partially stopped.

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