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Cats do little to reward their people, but purr when you do your job well (i.e. pet them).

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Some species of wild cats purr and domestic cats. Mother purring helps little kittens to reach the nipples. According to the researchers, purring was rewarded in the course of the life of cats and humans, purring individuals received more attention from humans and - food. In short, cats manipulated humans purringly.

But let's not complain.

Purring has many scientifically proven benefits for humans:

  • has an analgesic effect
  • accelerates wound healing
  • promotes muscle growth
  • accelerates muscle healing
  • repairs tendons
  • nourishes bones
  • accelerates the healing of broken bones
  • increases joint mobility
  • has an anti-rheumatic effect
  • lowers blood pressure
  • prevents heart attacks
  • eliminates the feeling of breathlessness
  • facilitates proper breathing

If you are tired of preparations for Christmas, work, study, family quarrel, whining of your neighbor, sour face of a shop assistant, wife's complaints, husband's misunderstanding ... we have a medicine for you!

It works always and on everyone.

Of course, a cat's purr is most effective when its source is a live cat lying on its lap. If you don't have it at hand, nothing is lost!

Close your eyes… and click on the video below - with sound required!

Video: Relaxing Celtic Music for Stress Relief. Calming Music. Nature Music Therapy

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