Dogs and cats: common and different, see the comparison.

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Dogs and cats are great partners to have at home as companions. Although their biological families are quite different, feline and canine, the two species have similarities in evolution that have made them what they are today. Both are natural predators that have been domesticated out of the human need for protection. There is evidence to show that the domestication of animals started in conjunction with agriculture, which makes a lot of sense, as the two animals are great lookouts.

The main difference in the evolution of dogs and cats is in the diversity of species spread across the planet. Canines, although abundant, are more scarce than wild cats, however, in terms of breed, dogs have a higher number due to certain historical moments when people mixed several breeds to get specific groups of dogs for certain activities.

Difference in species behavior

Canines and felines, since its origins, have differentiated behavior and this, obviously, also affects the postures of pets. The cat, for example, maintains some nocturnal habits of its predecessors. The dog usually prefers to be led and to be in family. The difference with the domestic dog is that the family in question is that of the owner, but he may also enjoy living with companions of the same breed or species.

The dog usually needs a companion that gives him a lot of attention and is usually submissive to the orders of his leader. The cat, in turn, is much more independent and as much as he likes his owner, it does not mean that he will obey or simply act in the way the owner expects. The cat does things in its own way, in its own way and in its time. There is no point in insisting.

Another important difference between dogs and cats,is in behavior. Dogs have no shame and usually chew whatever lies ahead, just sniff and bite. Sofas and slippers are good examples of this. Cats have a very different posture, they are more analytical and demanding. They will not eat anything and will only eat enough to stay healthy. However, the behavior can be differentiated from common standards depending on the type of creation made by the owner.

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