My cat meows while driving the car, it's quite a nuisance.

My cat meows quite bothersome while driving the car. If it's quiet, only for a moment. Why is it doing this and can it be overcome?

Unfortunately, cats do not like to drive cars and vocalization is a symptom of anxiety, fear, dissatisfaction or just a bad feeling that can arise while traveling. I recommend always starting your journey at low speed - 40-60km / h. for the first half an hour, then we gradually add gas, but observe the cat and if the anxiety increases with the speed, we slow down. The optimal speed depends on the cat, but we shouldn't drive too fast. Rapid acceleration and braking can also make you anxious. Please remember that cats' hearing is much more sensitive than ours and the noise caused by high engine revolutions is terrifying and sometimes even painful for them. If your cat rarely travels, stress-minimizing dietary supplements can be given in advance, such as Relaxer wet plus, Relaxer Kot or Zylkene.

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