Very cute: Corgis learn to walk and climb

Oh, how difficult are the first clumsy steps when you have dog legs as short as Corgis. This does not prevent the sweet little pummel from making the first small attempts at climbing. Well, except for one ...

Great, such a small corgi ranch. And what you can see there is everything cute ... Corgi baby Charly is taking a nap, while the brave little Otis climbs the surface of the coffee table despite little difficulties. Everyone climbs right behind him, except Charly.

Then they roll around cheerfully until Little Charly, who is alone on the blanket, sounds the alarm: "Then where are all of them at once?" he seems to be showing off his mini-howl and a new mission for Otis begins immediately! With a skillful role from the table he gropes to keep his little brother company and then cuddles. Oh, that's cute!

Ten corgis show how to enjoy dog ‚Äč‚Äčlife

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