The animals went to the Seym and - they won!

Determination and joining forces made it reach the deputies: animals can also speak - speak with the voice of their defenders. During yesterday's vote, the amendment to the Animal Protection Act passed with a positive result.

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We won!
Our determination and joining forces made it reach the Members: animals can also speak - speak with the voice of their defenders!
Yesterday they were with us.
I would like to thank all participants of this beautiful march - that you were - that you did not run out of energy to come from all over Poland.
I would like to thank the people of Warsaw, everyone who was with us yesterday.
Thank you for the unique atmosphere - agreement and joint, joyful experience of a unique event, unprecedented so far!
The animals went to the Seym and ...
They WON!

from 01/01/2012 we have to fight with the same consistency and determination so that the adopted provisions of the amendment to the act do not become dead regulations.
thank you again

Krystyna Sroczyńska

Emir Foundation

p.s. since the new term of the Sejm, we have been working on subsequent amendments to the act.

We have been waiting for this news for a long time - the new law on the protection of animals has become a fact.

382 deputies voted for the amendment, seven voted against and 14 abstained. This is undoubtedly a huge and completely unexpected success for animal lovers. The authors of this success are the Parliamentary Group of Friends of Animals and numerous non-governmental organizations that have worked out a compromise together. The fate of animals can change for the better thanks to the new regulations. For example, the amendment contains a provision that prohibits shooting from wandering dogs and cats in the forest - anyone who encounters a wandering pet outside the built-up area is required to notify the animal shelter, police or municipal guard. The legislator also specified that dogs cannot be kept tethered for more than 12 hours a day and on a chain shorter than three meters. Will the provisions be respected? Grzegorz Lindenberg believes that the amended act is an excellent tool to defend animal rights. - I am convinced that many people from animal foundations or associations will be ready to stand with a watch in their hand for these 12 hours to prove that someone is breaking the law - said Lindenberg before the vote in the Sejm.

You can read about the long works on the amendment to the Animal Protection Act in the September issue of the monthly "Mój Pies".

Yesterday's March of support for the amendment to the law was attended by thousands of people along with their pets. Dogs predominated, but there were also ferrets. You can see an extensive photo report from the march here.

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