How to turn baby strollers into strollers for dogs

Dogs have a need to walk, not just for physical activity, or simply to do their physiological needs, before the walk is essential for the well-being and socialization of your best friend. The dog that does not walk is stressed, being able to go into depression, besides giving more work when there is the need to go to the vet, for example. And why not make your tour more interesting? We will give you some ideas of strollers for dogs!

You strollers for dogs they are a benchmark for quality and safety, as even the most active dogs get tired on walks. Exercise is essential for the dog. However, there comes a time when the dog gets tired and begins to ask its owner for a lap, or simply sits or lies on the floor, refusing to leave the place. So that taking a transport for the tour turns out to be a great option.

Dodging high costs with accessories for dogs.

Unfortunately thevehicles for dogs, have a high price and end up escaping the budget of some. The average price of a quality cart is R $ 800.00 reais, however, brands signed by major brands may exceed these values.

Really the values ​​of these treats are high. But creativity can help save money, even for those who can buy a cart at this price. You can personalize your baby stroller and turn it into a beautiful and useful stroller for your puppy.

Recycling old baby carriage

If you don't have a baby stroller at home, you can purchase one at a used store. Then just start creating. Remove the seat from the cart. Place a shipping box on the platform. Mark with a pen where the structure and the box meet. Then remove the box and make holes in the sides, so that the zipper closures can pass.

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Pass the zipper fastenings through the holes you made in the box. Place the box back on the base of the cart. Finally, thestrollers for dogs,fasten the zipper fasteners around the frame so that it is secure in the cart. And so, you will have an appropriate stroller for your dog. Being able to enjoy the ride more and still prevent your friend from illnesses, preventing your dog from having direct contact with dirty and contaminated soil.


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