Dog Swimming - Health and Fun

Everyone knows how important daily exercise is for the well-being and health of the dog. Strolls through the streets and parks serve not only to take care of the puppy's physical condition, but also his mental state. There are some special cases where the dog needs exercises with little impact or to correct some physical problem. For these cases, there is a swimming for dog.

Joint pain, muscle stress, even fracture treatment, swimming for dog it is an exercise technique that only benefits the dog. Because it is a low-impact activity, dogs that have a tendency to develop lame-femoral dysplasia or spine problems can use and abuse swimming to exercise without taking risks.

Swimming only benefits the dog

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THE swimming for dogs it also trains the pet's breathing and helps and improves its resistance, because, even though it is a low impact exercise, it requires a good job of strength and breathing from the dog. This ends up helping the blood circulation and keeps the dog healthy. The technique is also widely used to treat overweight dogs, ending up burning more calories and fat in a shorter time than running.

The dog also has a lot of fun doing swimming, as playing games such as fetching the ball or picking up floating sticks encourages them to swim and have fun. THE canine swimming it is also very good for hot seasons, as the pool helps to refresh and relax the dog at leisure. This ends up being fun for the owner too, and he can swim with his dog and play with him.

It is important to train the dog for swimming

Unlike what is imagined, not all dogs are born knowing how to swim. Some breeds, such as the Labrador or the Golden Retriever, are naturally better able to deal with water, being a natural instinct of the breed to know how to swim in rivers and lakes, but not all have this ability. Bulldogs, Boxers, Pugs, and all these breeds of "dented face" or with short legs like the Basset find it more difficult to relate to the pool, but everything is a matter of training.

Before letting the dog play in the pool, it is important to guide him and see how he reacts to the water. Some dogs are more averse to water than others, it is normal, he must be well accustomed and lose his fear of water before entering a pool. The exercise of swimming with dogs you must, especially at the beginning, be accompanied by a veterinarian or specialized trainer, as he will know how to start the dog in practice.

The use of floating vests at the beginning is normal, for the dog to learn how to move its legs and breathe with its muzzle upwards without getting confused. Over time, the buoy is removed and the dog will be able to swim alone without problems and without the need for accompaniment.

Veterinarians indicate that a dog that never swam should be started in a small, shallow pool, like those plastic pools for children. They will feel safer at first in these pools, and, over time, they can gradually be introduced to deeper and larger pools, without scares.

Another important thing is to teach the dog to get out of the pool alone, if possible. Dogs with physical problems, or obese, may always need supervision and help to get out, but healthy dogs can easily learn to use their legs to propel themselves out of the pool without problems. This makes the dog more independent when swimming, and, above all, feel free to show when he no longer wants to be in the pool or not to drown if something is wrong.

Teaching your dog to swim is important and useful for both the owner and the pet, because in a situation of need, he will know what to do. THE swimming for dog it is a different and fun option, which helps the dog to get out of stress and not fall into the routine of the same walks in the same places. Not to mention that the owner ends up leaving his own routine and getting closer to his dog by swimming with him. It's good for everyone.

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