How to persuade parents to get a cat?

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Do you dream about a kitten, but your parents won't agree to it? We have some tips on getting them to agree.

  • Interesting facts about cats

We cat lovers know that cats are unique animals. Therefore, we advise you how to persuade your parents to buy a cat if you are reluctant to think about it. Cats have many advantages. In addition to their beauty, cats have the ability to establish wonderful relationships with humans. They can be best friends.

How to persuade parents to get a cat? Advantages of owning a cat

Cats are beautiful and amazing. They can establish an amazing bond with a person. Their nice fur begs to be stroked! Cats are very clean animals. They take care of hygiene like no other! They have a positive effect on the health of the owners, and their purring relieves stress. They are independent individualists, which does not mean that they do not want our attention. They love having fun and spending time together. They will make sure that you do not get cold in winter, lounging on your lap. These are just a few of the feline advantages that you can use as an argument in the "How to Get Parents to Cat" discussion.

A cat, like any domestic animal, however, implies an obligation. Although these animals are very independent and characterized by unique individuality, if they are under human care - they require attention and care. In return, however, they offer a unique relationship that is well worth the little sacrifice. Parents who are reluctant to the idea of ​​a new household member have a sea of ​​their reasons. What are their arguments?


In addition to visiting the vet, feeding, stroking and playing - the cat will require us to clean up after it. The ubiquitous hair and the mysteriously spreading litter from the litter box are just some of the phenomena encountered by a cat guardian. Promise your mom and dad that you will take on some of these tasks. We guarantee that this sacrifice is nothing compared to the joy of purring and petting cats. So prove to your parents that they won't have to deal with all these pleasant commitments. Suggest some activities that you will do, such as vacuuming, brushing or feeding your cat.

If parents are afraid that the cat will get dirty, tell them that it is an exceptionally clean animal that cares about its hygiene. If you are concerned that your little kitten will do a lot of damage by the time he learns everything, suggest that you agree to an adult cat.


Maintaining a cat costs money. There is nothing to be sorry about. Especially one who spends all the time in the apartment and cannot hunt alone to supplement his diet. Parents will certainly use this argument. It is worth getting ready for it and having a good retort up your sleeve. Collect some savings. This will surely reassure mum and dad that you are responsible, prepared, and that you care a lot about the new household member. Buy a piggy bank and stick a note "to the cat" on it, systematically throw in a few pennies there.

A cat layette is not only a bowl for water and food. It is also a scratching post, harness, collar, vaccination costs. Castration will also be necessary. Make a commitment to cover some of these expenses, and parents will see that you are actually ready to do much to make a new friend. Purebred cats can be very expensive. Remember, however, that if you decide to get a kitten from the shelter, any fees will only be symbolic. You'll do a good deed by the way. The cat will certainly be grateful for a new home. How to persuade parents to get a cat? Show your responsibility.


Cats scratch furniture! - You've probably heard that before. But it is true. They love to sharpen their claws on the couch, carpet or door frame. It is important to understand why they are doing this. Certainly not to spite its guardians. In this way, they leave scent and visual traces that testify to their presence. This behavior is deeply rooted in a cat's genes and cannot be unlearned. However, it should be remembered that the cat must not be punished for behavior resulting from their nature. Cats will not understand the punishment and may lose their trust in us.

However, there are ways to undo the damage. And thus give parents a counter argument. First of all - cutting claws. You can do it yourself, using special clippers (but be very careful not to damage the cat's nerves), or at the vet. The cost of such a procedure oscillates around PLN 10. At home, you can cover the corners of the sofa with special protectors, double-sided tape or sprinkle them with repellent preparations. You can buy these at any pet store.

However, a scratching post will definitely be useful at home. It should distract the cat's attention from other goals. Parents say it's another expense? Scratching posts in stores can be expensive, but you can make it yourself. You will need a few simple items, such as: a piece of old carpet or doormats, tree bark or a paper tube. Try to prepare such a scratching post, it will not be an easy task, but your parents will surely appreciate your work and maybe they will change their minds?


What if you or another household member are allergic to cats? There are breeds that rarely cause allergies, such as the Devon Rex, Balinese, Javanese, and Sphinx. The perfect solution? Almost, because remember that these cat breeds are less allergenic, but not 100% hypoallergenic. You can also undergo desensitization at any time. So, when someone in your household has an allergy, learn as much as possible about it. Parents will be surprised that you have become so conscientiously interested in this topic.


The crowning argument of your parents is probably also that there will be nowhere to leave the pet when your family goes on vacation. And yet you are not taking the purr on the plane. So talk to your friends in advance. There is certainly another cat lover among them who will take care of the furry cat if you leave. Get a foster tutor. Such an argument will be hard to beat!

To the test

Many people are against cats because they are guided by stereotypes when thinking about them. They just never got to know them. Offer your parents to take one for a trial by offering them a so-called temporary home, or to take care of your friends' cat when they have gone somewhere. It will be a chance to find out that cats are wonderful household members. However, it should be remembered that these animals value stabilization very much and such a change of environment does not have a good effect on their well-being or behavior. It can scare them and stress them unnecessarily. Then their behavior will not be natural, and maybe even troublesome.

Better to invite some kitten's lucky caregiver to share his experiences. Tell mum and dad that this conversation does not cost anything, and it may lead them out of their misconceptions about these charming creatures.

When nothing helps ...

We try to answer the question: how to persuade parents to get a cat? However, if your parents have beaten all the arguments and still seem intransigent in their refusal - ask you to go to some cat exhibition together, yes ... casually. Maybe they will fall in love with a kitten themselves? However, if they definitely and irrevocably let you know that the threads from adoption - become a volunteer, for example in a shelter. You will then be able to come into contact with cats, and your help will certainly be worth its weight in gold.

All these methods can bring a positive effect in the battle of how to persuade parents to become a cat. But first and foremost, you should talk to them honestly. It is easier to convince adults with words and reasonable arguments than by tears and fighting. Also remember that cats are not dogs. They have completely different needs and characters. Before you decide to adopt, learn as much as possible about these animals yourself. Your decision should be fully conscious.

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