Bob - a street cat who adopted a man and healed his life

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James Bowen found Bob in 2007. The homeless street musician wandered the streets of London as usual. Fate made him encounter a ginger cat with a wounded paw and took him to the RSPCA. He got the cat's medications for 2 weeks and took great care of him. After completing the treatment, he wanted to release the cat into the wild. He thought he would never see the redhead again. Imagine his surprise when the purr did not leave him one step. Did he not want to leave James to repay his help? They have become inseparable - James continues to earn his living by playing street music, and Bob in a tasteful scarf accompanies his friend. And only heroin is a thing of the past for James.

James has been homeless since the age of 19. He couldn't find a job, he fell into drugs because they helped to forget about homelessness. He slept in the street for two years. Only Bob completely changed his life. He had to take more care of himself to be able to take care of Bob. He obtained a document entitling him to legally play in the streets and metro stations, he is no longer homeless. The beginnings weren't easy. People react badly to "dirty homeless", even if they are accompanied by a dog or a cat. "Homelessness is not a choice, but most of it is the result of a lack of choice - it is the result of job, livelihood, home loss and sometimes mental illness." says James. "Sometimes they insult me, mostly drunk teens, but they're the exceptions."

James and Bob are recognizable and met with great sympathy by passers-by. Bob evokes warm feelings. "He looks like Garfield, but he's much smarter," say his admirers.
James says that Bob likes to be in the spotlight, loves photos, accepts treats, lets him stroke him, and proudly poses in a scarf. Well, Bob even got his own subway entry card (James often plays at Angel Tube station). It already has a nice collection of donated scarves and blankets. Because a scarf is a characteristic attribute of Bob. Once he sat on James' scarf, he wrapped the scarf around his neck for fun, which the cat liked very much. And it stayed that way.

You can follow the current map of Bob's whereabouts on Twitter. The couple also has their own Facebook page.

In March this year, an extraordinary couple became the heroes of the book "Street Cat named Bob: How a Man and His Cat Found Hope in the Streets." The author is, of course, James Bowen himself.

Usually people adopt cats. In Bob's case, it was he who adopted the human and healed his life.

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