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As its name suggests, the Cão d’Água Português is a breed native to the Portuguese province of Algarve, which is located on the coast. Local fishermen used to use this dog as an assistant in fishing and guardian of their ships and goods, as he is a great swimmer and has excellent vision and smell.
When its owner is fishing, the dog is watching with the eye and, if a fish escapes, it will immediately dive into the sea to catch it. Currently, this breed is also widely used as a guard dog and companion dog.


THE Portuguese Water Dog he is very intelligent, outgoing, impetuous, energetic and athletic. He is a good guardian and also a great friend to children. As its name suggests, this dog loves to swim and very much enjoys any activity related to water.


The Portuguese Water Dog has a robust, wide and deep chest. He has a large, well-proportioned head, with a well-defined stop and a narrow snout. The ears are thin and are above the eye line. The tail is wide at the base and tapers towards the tip. It has a very resistant, dense and strong coat that covers the entire body. There are two varieties of coat: the first, wavy and long, and the second, short and very curly hair. This breed can be presented in single colors, black, white and brown, or in combinations of black and white or brown and white.

Specific care

The Portuguese Water Dog needs a lot of space and plenty of daily exercises, it is also very important to encourage him every day. This breed is quite easy to train, as long as the owner offers him a strong and continuous education, which will certainly make him a very obedient dog. It is recommended to brush and comb the Portuguese Water Dog frequently.


Hereditary problems that most affect the breed are hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. There are also some cases of a disease called "storage disease", which is a rare disorder, characterized by a deficiency of enzymes.

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