Top 10 Best Indoor Dogs

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Need a couch-surfing pal? Perhaps one who is covered with fur for optimal snuggling? Hey, we get it. The outdoors aren’t for everyone and that’s true of dogs as well! So check out our picks for the best indoor dogs!

With the prices of houses skyrocketing, it’s little wonder that more of us can only afford small living spaces in high rises. Sadly, some people think that they can’t own a dog if they live in a small urban space. Sure, if you live in an apartment or even just an urban setting, you may not have the luxury of a fenced yard or even much outdoor space. But the fact that your living space doesn’t include a spacious yard or an outdoor enclosure shouldn’t mean that you can’t have a pup. Provided that all of their needs are met, there are pooches who would be perfectly happy being a primarily indoor only pet. Looks like you need our list of best indoor dogs.

In cases like this, it is important to pick a dog who doesn’t mind spending the bulk of his time indoors. There are various factors that you need to consider to make sure you’re making the right decision, such as the dog’s energy levels, exercise needs, and space requirements. To save you the time you would have spent to research numerous breeds online, we’ve put together our Top 10 list of Best Indoor Dogs – ideal for people who don’t like to adventure outside that much or who don’t want to keep going up and down 20 flights of stairs! There are dogs for every owner and every home. The key is simply doing the research and finding the right pupper! Indoor dogs are certainly out there. You just need to find yours.

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A Few Things to Think About When Choosing an Indoor Dog

Beyond size, there are a few things that you should think about as you work on choosing the indoor dog breed that will fit in perfectly with the rest of your household. All dogs are different after all. Even indoor dogs come in a variety of bodies and personalities. So, before you dive into our slideshow to learn about a few of the breeds that have been deemed the best choices for those who spend a lot of time indoors, it’s wise to consider the following:

  • Barking Habits: Whether you’re living in an apartment in a multi-family house, you’re in a townhouse, or you’re residing in a condo, you’ll have neighbors on the other side of the wall. So it goes without saying that a dog that barks a lot won’t make your neighbors happy. Choose a dog that is known for being rather quiet. A breed that doesn’t bark loudly or often is ideal in these situations.
  • Attitude Towards Strangers: Another thing to consider is how well a particular dog breed gets along with strangers, especially if you are living in an apartment complex where your pooch will be exposed to new people all the time. You don’t want your dog to get stressed out by people he doesn’t know and you certainly don’t want to frighten other people when your dog is around. Dogs are supposed to bring joy to your neighbours! So, your move is to choose a breed that tends to do well around people of all ages and one who isn’t afraid of making new friends everywhere he goes.
  • Shedding: When you’re living in a small space, it can be tough to keep things clean. The last thing you want is a thin layer of dog hair covering everything that you own. So, as you research the many fabulous indoor dog breeds out there, consider how much grooming will be required to keep their coats healthy and how much they’ll shed. A dog that doesn’t shed much can make it easier to keep your indoor space spotless. So, this is important.
  • Exercise Needs: If you choose a dog that will need a lot of exercise and you lead a busy lifestyle or you just don’t like going outside much, everyone in the relationship will be unhappy. Thankfully, there are some dog breeds that don’t mind getting small amounts of physical activity every day. Choosing a dog who enjoys playing inside with his toys, and who can be mentally stimulated with a range of puzzle toys, might be your best option. That’s definitely better than getting a dog that needs a lot of exercise and prefers to run around outside in a big open space. Those dogs don’t do well in apartments
  • Attachment to Owners: Dogs love being around their humans, so it’s always important to spend plenty of time giving your pet attention and affection. But some breeds are better able to cope with being alone inside the house for hours at a time. So if you lead a busy lifestyle and you don’t want your dog to get too bored or lonely while you aren’t home, opt for a breed that is more independent. Or just get two dogs so they can keep each other company whenever you aren’t around! That’s an option as well.

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