Mongrel dogs: do you know who they are?

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With the adoption practice in focus, mongrel dogs were placed at the center of debates that involve everything from the abandonment of animals to the responsible ownership of pets; going through the remarkable trend that many still have for the purchase of dogs considered “of breed” or pedigree.

However, even though they are the focus of heated discussions about adoption, preference for races and abandonment, mongrel dogs are still not understood by many - being considered as participants in this specific ‘classification’ for reasons that are much more cultural than, in fact, physical.

Also called by the acronym SRD (which indicates that the animal is Without Defined Breed), mutts can be defined as dogs that do not originate from the crossing of a single breed - being, therefore, product of the mixture between the most different types, sizes, pedigrees and styles of dogs.

As a result, the group of mutts it ends up being quite extensive; since it highlights and encompasses all types of dogs whose breed cannot be defined with certainty and which have a mixed breed origin. However, what makes this term widely applied to different animals today does not have much to do with breeds; but, yes, with abandonment.

As a result, a large part of the animals that live on the streets - regardless of origin or pedigree - end up being classified as mongrels, earning this name due to their condition of life, and not because of their mestizo condition. Taking into account that the term has also been used, for some time, to define human conditions and characteristics (generally, in a pejorative way), it becomes even more difficult to clarify people in relation to the real meaning of the definition of 'mongrel '- keeping these animals still at the center of a series of debates.

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However, while the general public may still have problems defining SRDs, there is already a large group of animal advocates who strive to make people aware of mutts - investing time, effort and heavy values ​​so that they gain the prominence and importance they deserve in the world of animals.

A great example of this can be seen in the Documentary project Vira-Lata; a film produced to clarify the public's view of this specific group and show a little more about the different characteristics of these animals, in addition to the difficulties they face throughout their lives - whether due to life on the streets or simply because they are not 'recognized' as they should (although there is now a strong trend towards SRD dogs with an increasingly popular status).

To enable the launch of the film and, consequently, public awareness - the Documentary Vira-Latas has a special campaign on the Kickante page, seeking the help of SRD lovers so that the film can be shown throughout the country. Each donation received brings the documentary a little closer to its release, and animal lovers donors will have their names inserted in the thanks of the film - which already has a number of famous supporters, in addition to large companies and ventures partners in the pet world, including O Dog Cat.

Click HERE and make your donation now!

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