Hammerhead Shark: Terrifying sea creatures

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The hammerhead shark is immediately noticeable due to its hammer-like head and can scare you. Please smile! - Image: Shutterstock / nicolas.voisin44 They have a streamlined body and a widened head - Image: Shutterstock / Matt9122 This shark gets its name from its hammer-like head - Image: Shutterstock / Shane Gross These animals are mainly found in tropical and subtropical coastal areas - Image: Shutterstock / Ian Scott In addition, they are mostly on their own as loners - Image: Shutterstock / nicolas.voisin44 Her daily feed includes, for example, herring and sardines - Image: Shutterstock / frantisekhojdysz Interesting: So far nine species of hammerhead sharks are known! - Image: Shutterstock / Piotr Wawrzyniuk However, some of them are already considered endangered - Image: Shutterstock / frantisekhojdysz Pretty scary, this hammerhead shark! - Image: Shutterstock / Ian Scott

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