Autumn fun for indoors: ideas for indoor cats

Autumn is here and for our velvet paws the exciting season of mouse hunt, the rustling colorful leaves and the great decorative discoveries in the neighboring garden begins - at least for the free-wingers.

But not all cats are allowed out. That is why we have put together some autumn fun for those who have to stay indoors, which can even be used in the warm heating area. All that remains to be hoped for is that the freelancers will not be jealous!

Autumn recipe no.1: an autumn menu for house tigers

Sure, catching mice is great! But almost as great is a delicious autumn menu that Herrchen brought home for his cozy velvet paw. Our special tip for the third season: Healthy cat food with pumpkin in the list of ingredients for that "something more" variety on the menu.

Fall Recipe No.2: The bat for indoors

In the dark October, Halloween is a little creepier than usual - Of course, this Halloween-compatible bat toy shouldn't scare your little tiger, but it should invite you to have a lot of fun. The cute little animal on the fishing rod is available in green and purple.

Fall Recipe No.3: Bowl mat with Halloween look

With this orange-colored bowl mat, there is no doubt that it is a bit creepy - the better that your cat can comfortably eat indoors in the warm kitchen and does not have to deal with eerie autumn shadows. Good Appetite!

Fall Recipe No.4: Orange fun to play with

What is orange, round, tempting and invites you to play? Sure, neighbors' Halloween decorations too, but with this sweet, autumnal toy, playing is not only allowed, but even desired. With bell balls and an integrated cuddly mouse, the fun is complete!

Fall Recipe No.5: Raschel fun without autumn leaves

Neighbors cat sneaking through the autumn leaves in the garden, while your room tiger can only watch from the window? Then show him that you can rustle vigorously inside. Play hide-and-seek, sneak up, sleep: The Raschel tunnel is fun in different situations and is of course particularly suitable for autumn in chic orange tones!

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