Beware of black breeding: pedigree cats need pedigree

If you want to buy pedigree cats, be careful of providers that breed black. The animals are mostly without a pedigree, so their origin is uncertain. This threatens nasty surprises, such as hereditary diseases, which only show up later when your fur nose has grown to your heart. Only buy pedigree cats with pedigree from reputable breeders - Shutterstock / npetrov

Do you want to buy a cat and are already considering whether a cat or a cat lady, which color and which cat name the animal should have? These points are of secondary importance when it comes to pedigree cats. Because in this case you have to be careful not to end up with a black breed that cares little about the welfare of the velvet paws and is especially interested in profit. Serious cat breeders, on the other hand, consider possible hereditary diseases, avoid inbreeding and are familiar with genetics - the family tree of the fur nose serves as proof of this.

Important: pedigree for your pedigree cat

A pedigree for a pedigree cat is not only there to show off with. It provides information about the parent animals - sometimes even grandparents - of your kitten. On the one hand, it is proof that your animal is really purebred. On the other hand, you can see from the family tree that the parents and grandparents of your velvet paw are not related to each other and have no characteristics of known inherited diseases. In the case of a fur nose without a pedigree from black breeding, you can only speculate whether a cat of the respective breed is really being given to you - the appearance can sometimes be deceptive here. Furthermore, you have no guarantee that your room tiger is healthy and does not come from inbreeding. With reputable cat breeders you get a health certificate for the pedigree as a further security.

Black breeding in pedigree cats: rightly discredited

In black breeding alleged pedigree cats are reproduced as quickly as possible in order to make money with them quickly and easily. The limit of three litters is often significantly exceeded in two years and the result is improper husbandry. Reputable breeders, on the other hand, have outdoor enclosures for the fur noses and must adhere to all guidelines of the breeding associations.

A black breed cat is a "surprise package". She can even suffer from an inherited disorder because important examinations of the parent animals have not been carried out. There are, for example, the diseases HCM (heart disease), PKD (kidney disease) or HD (hip dysplasia), which can be passed on from pre-stressed parents to their kittens - to name just a few.

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Low prices attract

Dubious breeders usually offer their animals at dumping prices of 300 to 350 euros. An indication of black breeding, because here the animal welfare and animal welfare were saved. Don't be fooled by the first glance: the costs are only apparently cheaper. The cats are often given without deworming, vaccination and microchips. Animals from black breeding usually lack important medical examinations, which is why no health certificate is presented when purchasing such an animal.

But not only the hereditary diseases already mentioned are the problem. If a domestic tiger brings parasites or viruses to all the worst, the cheerfulness about the cheap purchase price evaporates quite quickly, as the result of this is high treatment costs for the veterinarian.

Pedigree cats have their price

Many wonder why pedigree cats are so expensive to buy. You will get real and healthy pedigree cats with pedigree from the reputable breeders. The purchase price of a purebred fur nose is between 650 and 1500 euros. An absolutely fair price: the species-appropriate, animal-friendly breeding of pedigree cats is very expensive for the breeders. Added to this is the time required, which is not insignificant. Breeders often do not make any profit if, for example, they are lovers themselves and the animals are not missing anything.

A correct breeding cat that acts as a parent is subject to several expensive medical examinations to rule out hereditary diseases. White cats also need an expensive hearing test because they are deaf. Not to forget feed, accommodation and accessories, such as scratching posts and cat toys.

Do not buy kittens from black breeding, even if you feel pity. By doing without, you will achieve a lot more in this case: The fewer animals that are taken from black breeding, the less likely it is that dubious breeders will continue to breed them. For some providers that breed black, it is even in the direction of cruelty to animals - if sometimes out of ignorance. Therefore, do not support them with your financial means.

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