It is difficult to breathe at night - the reason is his cat

Do cats try to kill their owners at night? This is exactly what you could at least mean jokingly if you look at the nightly recordings of Twitter user Luis Navarro. The man complained of breathing difficulties. Why? His cat gave him the answer. Does what a Twitter user has experienced with his cat still count on cuddling? - Image: Shutterstock / Studio Africa

Because he could not breathe well at night, Luis Navarro installed a camera in his bedroom - and that was precisely the reason for his breathlessness. The culprit was his cat.

The images show how the velvet paw stares at its sleeping owner and then lies flat on his face, over his mouth and nose. Obviously you don't get air like this.

The reactions of the other Twitter users are not long in coming. Does the cat's action count to cuddle or is it already a premeditated attempt to murder? The comments are accordingly funny.

"These are pictures of love", one user is sure, whereas many report similar experiences. Their cats don't seem to be quite at ease with them at night either.

And still others joke: "This is not a cat, but a demon."

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