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Maui humane society dogs are still up for adoption, and their adoption fee is just $65. They include the following breeds of puppies and dogs: Bichon Frise, Brittany, Coton de Tulear, German Shepherd, Havanese, Lhasa Apso, Miniature Pinscher, Mixed Breeds and Yorkie. For more information and pictures, call 579-0303.

Maui Humane Society has placed its adoption fee on hold until the state of Hawi passes a law, expected to take effect next year, that would allow the humane society to set and collect adoption fees and provide grants for spay/neuter clinics. “To hold the adoption fee during this time will help us to continue to be able to care for the animals in our care,” sd Deneese Kaleau, communications director.

In the meantime, as of July 31, the humane society’s adoption fee is $65. “We try to make as low an adoption fee as possible, because a high adoption fee makes it more difficult to get those dogs adopted,” Kaleau sd. The minimum adoption fee is $25.

The Humane Society of Maui has put adoption fees for its Maui dogs on hold until the state passes a new law allowing the humane society to charge fees and also collect a small percentage of those fees to fund its spay and neuter clinics.

“It’s been a little bit difficult to keep the adoption fee at a low level,” sd Deneese Kaleau, communications director for the society. “Because we want people to adopt them, but we also need to take care of the people that have them right now.”

The law the humane society would like to see passed to collect an adoption fee has been passed by the Legislature, and it’s now in the hands of the state House and Senate.

“We want to be able to charge people an adoption fee, and we want to be able to have some money to take care of the dogs that come in right now,” she sd. “We’d love to have people be able to be able to adopt from us, and still have a nice adoption fee. But we don’t know when that’s going to happen.”

The Maui Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is located at 2450 Honoapiilani Highway, Kahului. For more information about adopting a pet from the humane society, call (808) 539-5422 or go to

For more information about animals avlable for adoption from SPCA Maui, call 537-9441 or go to

* Chris DeWaard can be reached at [email protected]

* Correction: This article was edited to reflect that $30 was the average adoption fee for the Maui Humane Society in fiscal year 2014 and $35 was the average adoption fee for the Maui Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in fiscal year 2015. A previous version of this story incorrectly sd $20 was the average adoption fee for SPCA Maui in fiscal year 2014.

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