Cooking cat food yourself: recipes with meat

If you want to cook cat food yourself, your velvet paw offers a healthy alternative. Many delicious recipes can be prepared with meat. You can find all tips and tricks here. There are many cat food recipes with meat - Image: Shutterstock / Yurochka Yulia

Meat should be the most important basis of your recipes if you want to cook cat food yourself. Because it provides your velvet paw with nutrients such as proteins and fats that it absolutely needs. When preparing the feed, you can vary between types of meat such as poultry and beef. Lamb and game are also possible, provided they are not wild boar. That and raw pork can be dangerous for cats.

Cook your own cat food with a heart

If you want to cook cat food yourself, you can also use great hearts. For example, one of the possible recipes consists of the following ingredients:

● 200 grams of chopped chicken hearts
● 1 tablespoon of chopped liver
● Some (unsalted) cream cheese

Briefly fry the chicken hearts and the liver together in a little butter. With the cream cheese you can further refine the meal.

Cat food recipe with meat and eggs

A meal made from eggs and ground beef for cats is also simple but tasty. For this you need the following:

● 2 hard boiled eggs
● 200 grams of minced beef
● plain yogurt

Cut the eggs into small pieces and cook the ground beef - without salt and without spices - in a coated pan without fat. Mix everything together. Finally, stir in some plain yogurt until the desired consistency is achieved.

Cooking chicken soup for cats

Your cat will also like a chicken soup and is particularly suitable for older animals and those with kidney problems. You need:

● 1 small soup chicken
● 1 small carrot
● water
● Brewer's yeast flakes (optional)

You need a large saucepan in which to put the soup chicken (without offal). Pour in enough water to completely cover the chicken. Wash the carrot thoroughly and cut it into small pieces. Add the carrot pieces to the chicken in the saucepan. Then cook the whole thing for two to three hours.

After the soup has cooled a little, pour off the chicken broth. But don't throw them away - lazy cats like to be moved to take up liquid with chicken broth. You can also freeze the broth in portions and use it later. You also need a portion of the broth for the soup.

Pluck the meat from the bones and then puree it with the carrot pieces. Mix in enough broth to create a viscous consistency. If you want, you can dissolve a few more flakes of brewer's yeast in the soup. Serve your cat the chicken soup at room temperature.

What nutrients do cats need as carnivores?

Cats are pure carnivores and therefore need different nutrients than people who are omnivores ...

Cat food: recipes with raw meat

Anyone who is a representative of the bark can also feed raw meat. However, keep in mind that you are not using raw pork or wild boar meat, as it may contain the Aujeszky virus, which can kill your cat.

For the following barf recipe for cats you need:

● 85 grams of beef muscle meat
● 15 grams of beef heart
● 14 grams of beef liver
● 14 grams of beef stomach
● 15 grams of steamed carrots
● salmon oil
● Eggshell powder
● 4 parsley leaves, chopped

Chop the meat and offal in the meat grinder. Puree the carrots and mix them with the meat. Then mix a little salmon oil and eggshell powder as well as the finely chopped parsley leaves. The portion size saturates a 5 kg hangover.

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