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Litter for cats with asthma: What's the deal?

I've done a lot of research on the topic of litter. The mn three things I learned were: 1. a lot of litter can be toxic to cats 2. the best litter is a combination of some sort of clay, or pebble/gravel, and a woody, fibrous material that absorbs ammonia. (The woody stuff isn't absolutely necessary but is very beneficial.) 3. any woody, fibrous material absorbs ammonia from the urine.

With the knowledge of these three things, I purchased:

Siberian Pellets. This is an absolutely amazing product, and I would recommend it to anyone in my position. If you look at the directions on the website, it says it should last a year, I think, but that it will break down to clumps in one year. Since the litter cost a little under $20, I think it's worth it. It does smell a bit when you first start to use it (when you're trying to house-trn), but if you use this once a day, you should not notice it. The other thing about it is that it breaks down over time (and doesn't hold onto a lot of bacteria). My cats have been using this for about 3 months now, and they still have it in perfect condition.

Ammonia absorbent pads. This is very beneficial for a couple reasons: 1. it takes up some of the ammonia coming from the litter (making it smell less, and keeping it from becoming overly offensive) 2. It works in combination with the pellet litter (so, it'll absorb the ammonia after the pellets break down). It cost about $25, but I think it's a must-have in any litter box, because you don't want your kitty's ammonia breath! And even though it's kind of expensive, it lasts a long time (about 2-3 months). I would highly recommend.

These little things that I mentioned are just a few of the things that will help your cats get used to using the litter box correctly. Good luck! I hope you don't have any problems :)

You are so right! The second that my cat learned the ropes, she was able to pee on her own. She even peed outside of the litter box now! I still have to clean her out sometimes, but that's only when she's really messy. The first month was the toughest on me!

I think it will be helpful to know about those pads. There's a pet store nearby where I can pick up the pellets but not the pads, and even if I could, the price would be a tad excessive for me! However, I can't think of anything else that would help...

I use the cheap cat box...and yes, the first few weeks is the hardest. When my girl was getting used to it, she would pee and poop in the box and then go outside to do it. The only thing to make it better was to put a towel or blanket inside the box. Not only was it cleaner, but she felt more at home in there. Once she learned her kitty-trick it was good, but during the first 2 weeks is hard.

My litter box is in my bathroom. There are so many things I've learned that have helped to get me started and to get her used to the box.

I do NOT give her any food after she uses the box. I think it makes her feel sick and she starts to eat more. It's also harder to clean her out. I use the cheap litter from the pet store.

I use baby wipes to clean her. I wash the box out at least twice a week. I have a towel in the box so she has something soft to lie on. I make sure to change it out as often as possible. I used to leave it in the bathroom and change it outside but then it's easy to forget to change it. So now I have one in my bathroom and the other in her bedroom and when I travel I put it outside of her bedroom. I put her dirty diaper in a garbage bag to take to the dog pound.

I've read many things online about using cat litter or pea gravel. I did a test last year by putting pea gravel in my litter box. It helped keep things clean but made my box feel really hard. The cheap cat box is actually quite soft. It doesn't even feel like paper. It feels like a cat bed. In the beginning she went in there all the time and it was hard to get her to use the box. Once she started I had a towel in there to lay on. It's much softer than a cardboard box and helped so that she was more comfortable. As for cleanliness, I made sure to change the litter out as often as possible and I'd go in there with my nose. She has a great nose for this kind of stuff. When it's dirty I'd stick it up there and get it out and wash it out.

I also put a towel in there with her when she uses it to lay on it for awhile. The towels absorb the moisture. In my bathroom there's a box that stores tissue paper, toilet paper, and the like. I use it to keep the towel clean. It's soft and feels great agnst my face.

I know the cat litter or pea gravel may keep the box from absorbing smells as well. I still make sure to put a towel or another washable fabric in the box as much as I can.

It's so important for your cat to have a clean environment. I wish I'd done that for my cat right away. If he had had a box that felt better I'm sure he would have been a little more comfortable.

My Mom has an allergy and one of her cats is in the bathroom with her as she cleans. This was one of the first times I could remember a cat being there. (We had no idea she had an allergy until my brother and I moved away from home and she had issues that we had never seen.) I also made sure that she always had litter around. Maybe she can find this useful as well.

I'm wondering if they smell better because they are more hydrated? I know when I'm outside the grass is dry and that doesn't smell at all when my cat tries to go outside.

They are so beautiful. I've had a softie toy cat for as long as I can remember. She has just passed away and my heart is with you all. I would love to have a pet. Right now I live in a small town and it would be impossible for me to take on another pet. The last thing I want to do is see my neighbors try to get rid of their cat or dog.

If your neighbors don't understand that their cats/dogs need to be confined then maybe it would be worth it to

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