Dog annoys cat: "Now play with me!"

The dog in this video does not seem to have got the hang of how best to communicate with cats. The beige four-legged friend tries to draw attention to the velvet paw with barking and bouncing. But she is not particularly enthusiastic about the advances made by the little whirlwind.

The fluffy kitty actually wanted to lie on the grass in peace and enjoy the day. But the turned-up dog makes the black house tiger a spanner in the works. The four-legged friend of the fleece ball jumps excitedly in front of his nose. "Come on, let's play!" The dog seems to shout at the fur nose. But the cat doesn't even think about doing sports and jumping around with the dog. She prefers to look for space. The loud bully apparently has to find another playmate.

Cute animal encounters between dog and cat

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