Cat-friendly plants for balcony and home

Plants can turn a home into a wonderful place - and luckily, not all types are toxic to cats. Here you can find out which plants for balcony and apartment do not pose a danger to your velvet paw and how you can turn your home into a green oasis. There are non-toxic balcony plants for cats in the pet shop and in the nursery - Shutterstock / J. McPhail

Cats are naturally curious animals. They explore their surroundings and indoor and balcony plants are not excluded. However, this can be dangerous. Because cats also love to nibble on the green. However, many plants are considered harmful to health and toxic to cats.

The good news: Cat owners with a green thumb do not necessarily have to do without plants. There are also cat-friendly specimens.

Find non-toxic house and balcony plants for cats

It is important that you can identify plants accurately in order to identify cat-compatible greens. Ask the gardening trade experts for advice and take no risk.

The safest are plants that are available specifically for cats. If the classic cat grass or catnip are too common for you, you can also use the creeping upholstery or bring some color into your home with the cat gander, thanks to its pink flowers.

These plants are usually available in pet shops and are not only safe for cats, but also suitable as nibble plants.

If the cat eats plants: what you can do

When your cat nibbles on your plants in the apartment and on the balcony, that's not just annoying ...

What are other cat-friendly plants?

Bamboo plants are also a good choice for a cat owner's home. These are not only non-toxic and beautiful to look at, but also hardy. Ask gardeners about: valerian, blue lily, nasturtium, cornflower, lavender, daisies, calendula, slipper flower, student flowers or violets.

Attention: Keep in mind that some of the crops mentioned are only moderately safe. Health problems of your cat cannot always be ruled out if consumed in excess. Therefore, it is best to ask your trusted veterinarian whether your favorite plant is harmless before buying a plant.

Here are some cat-friendly plants for the balcony and the apartment at a glance:

• valerian
• bamboo
• Blue Lieschen
• thick leaves (e.g. money tree)
• Maidenhair fern
• Field thyme
• Fuchsias
• Bellflower
• green lilies
• Hahnenkamm
• Nasturtium
• Cat gander
• cat grass
• catnip
• Basket marant
• Corkscrew peas
• Cornflower
• kissing mouth
• lavender
• Lot tree
• daisies
• Melissa
• palm trees (e.g. coconut tree)
• Slipper flower
• marigold
• roses
• pubic flowers
• slate plate
• Mallow
• Student flowers
• Tapir flower
• Tillandsia
• violets
• Woolly beast
• hyssop
• Fir tree

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